"We'd all love to see the plan"

An intro life in the Sandhill Warren ....


OVERVIEW – The “Sandhill Warren”

An long inhabited warrant located in a in a small gully at the top of a high-ish hill surrounded by quite dense woodland and open, wild meadows and a small stream about 20 minutes hop away the warren is ideally suited for a peaceful life for wild rabbits. Food is close bye and plentiful, the sandy soil is easy to dig in and good for drainage.

The nearest human places 1.5 days away north and 3 days hop away west. There are always, of course the usual predators, a hawk or fox, tragically now and then takes  a member of the warren … but generally the warren is safe from (non-rabbit!!) threats…..

About “lots” of rabbits live there (rabbits of course can’t count above four).

LIFE IN The “Sandhill warren”

Life for the rabbits of the warren should be almost perfect but sadly this is not the case.

The “local” chief rabbit is a kindly, but elderly and easily influenced rabbit by the name of Buckthorn. If life in the warren was up to Buckthorn things would be rather pleasant, except for having to put up with his long winded speeches…. but sadly this is not the case.

Old timer rabbits tell the story that some years ago (more than four) the warren was attacked by highly trained warren guards of a very aggressive large warren, known only as the “Hole of the Iron Word”.

This evil rumored warren is apparently half a day’s hop east from the Sandhill Warren and ruled by a great rabbit known as Three Fang, a rabbit with a reputation of greatly cruelty and a mighty warrior, who it is claimed once killed a dog single pawed!

The old timer rabbits describe the battle of Sandy Pit when “lots” (more than four) of the Sandhill Warren rabbits were savagely torn to shreds by the elite warren guard of the “Hole of the Iron Word”.

Few, if any of the Sandhill rabbits have ever been to “Hole of the Iron Word”, fewer still have ever returned and no one has ever seen in person Three fang, though his malevolent presence overshadows life in Sandhill.

Three fang has decreed that firstly one out of every four kittens born in the Sandhill Warren must be given over as tribute to his soldiers, who visit once a month to ensure this happens.

Also one quarter of all food collected by the warren once every four days. Understandably the Sandhill Warren loathe these forms of tribute, particularly the loss of the kittens but there appears nothing can be done.

An evil, highly intelligent rabbit from “Hole of the Iron Word” warren by the name of Slew has been appointed Three Fang’s “watcher” in the Sandhill warren to ensure Three Fang’s will is carried out. He always has two thuggish “Hole of the Iron Word” bodyguards and enforces should there ever be trouble … but typically everyone obeys Buckthorn, who is merely the mouthpiece of Slew!

Slew is crafty, petty and totally brutal in his approach if required (rabbits have died as a result of his influence). He is rumored to also have a network of spies and snitches in the warren who work for him for favors …. distrust is understandably rife at times.

Who is a spy and who has what to gain from saying what to Slew? Do you trust the rabbit next to you?

There are also rumors of other warrens under the control of Three Fang and the “Hole of the Iron Word” but typically as travel is discouraged far from the warren no one knows if this is true.

PLAYER STARTING POINT – The “Sandhill Warren”


Four days ago Slew and one of his body guards left the warren. One day later Slew arrived back at the Sandhill Warren with (lots) of elite “Hole of the Iron Word”, tough warren guard rabbits.

That evening, after dusk feeding, Buckthorn made an announcement to the warren; On Three Fang’s orders most of the young fit bucks were to leave to join “their comrades from the Hole of the Iron Word Warren” to fight a war against “the evil ones”. 

Total silence meet this announcement.

The next day at dawn, after feeding, most of the fit young bucks, including most of the warren guard, depart with the Hole of the Iron Word travelling south. Buckthorn remains at the Sandhill Warren.

Slew and both his body guards go with him …. at which point we begin our story!


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